Tilted Mash Brewing

December 2019 Newsletter


Winter is coming...No, winter is here! A new season approaches and exciting things have happened over the past couple of weeks. Notice anything different when you walk into the Taproom and Stage area? Change is great, and our change has made the brewery very hip and welcoming, but with the same great atmosphere. If you have not seen the change take a trip and enjoy a pint or two. A very special thanks to those that contributed to the change.

New beers will be released this month, stay tuned! Follow us on Social Media to see when our new beers will be released. Another change will be Trivia!

Trivia Every Wednesday Night! That's right, every Wednesday night with Geeks Who Drink. What else is there to do on humpday? drink beer of course. Grab your friends and get your brain working by joining each week starting at 7:00pm.

New Merch! Sometime this month we will have new sweaters in the taproom. Be on the lookout!

Tilted Mash Newsletter