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Our Story

Tilted Mash started off with two great friends who love everything and anything about craft beer. They started brewing in Derrick's garage, and would brew almost every weekend. Whenever there was a family event, a sporting event, or random get together, friends and family would request their latest batches of brews. Bringing everything from hand-capped bottles to party pigs to corny kegs, lots of positive reactions led to more and more requests. They loved every part of it, and wanted to share their carefully crafted beer with more people. The constant weekend brewing led to a lot of wear and tear to their 3-tier homemade brewing system. So much wear that their very own keg style mash tun started tilting on its side. This is how Tilted Mash Brewing was born.


Like many of the pioneers in the craft brewing industry, Derrick, Jonathan and Kyle excelled in other professional pursuits that have proven to be a major asset in creating and developing Tilted Mash Brewing. With the addition of a top notch taproom team, Tilted Mash has made their taproom an inviting and exciting place to be. 


Master brewer and co-owner.
With a BA in Business Finance, Derrick splits his days working at Tilted Mash and  Allied Printing Company, a small commercial print shop located in Downtown Sacramento. He has over 20 years of management experience spanning small, service based organizations to multi-million dollar corporations. Derrick has continued his education in the professional brewing curriculum at UC Davis and Siebel Institute in Chicago. He is also old, grumpy, bald, white and has a beard...you have to have one of those to be in craft beer, right?


With a BA Degree in Computer Science, Jonathan is a professional in real estate finance, and has been a realtor for 12 years. His background knowledge and extreme sales skills has been valuable to Tilted Mash. Jonathan continues his education though UC Davis advanced brewing courses, and continues to learn through experience and professional brewing education. He is well known for his title as "Pimp of Foam", as well as for always having a fresh fade.


Our charismatic Taproom Manager at Tilted Mash Brewing.

Kyle arrived into the Tilted Mash Family with a flashy smile and a passion for beer,  and with a background as varied as those of its founders. Kyle left the shipping industry  in order to pursue another dream--BEER! Kyle embarked on his new endeavor as a food server and beer tender at a local Sacramento beer bar. Kyle quickly expanded his knowledge base and was promoted to beer buyer and manager. During this short time he also acquired his Beer Server Cicerone Certification. At Tilted Mash, Kyle is excited to combine his love of both logistics and hand crafted beer. He is excited to be the taproom manager that greets you and pours your pint, but also looking forward to meet the TMB warehousing needs as the brewery evolves and expands.


“So who’s the new blonde behind the bar?"

Oh! That’s just Hailey, one of the newest addition to the Tilted mash family! With a background in Space Planning and Interior Design, Hailey is looking to bring her own flare to the Tilted Mash Taproom. As a relatively new Elk Grove Local, Hailey began visiting the taproom and quickly fell in love with the TMB staff and quality brew. Outside of work Hailey enjoys hiking, camping and supporting her local brewing community (aka drinking good beer with good people). So stop on by and introduce yourself over a pint or two!


Starting off with a fun fact her actual name is Halide, but everyone knows her by Marci or Hollywood (softball name). It’s a fun story to tell over a beer or two. If you don’t find her at Tilted Mash that is because she's at her full time career as medical social worker. Marci received her Bachelors in Psychology at William Jessup University and pursued her Masters in Social Work at USC. Marci known as a social butterfly and the girl who enjoys sports. Marci loves beer, and started off as a regular at Tilted Mash. She became fascinated by the friendly service at the tap room and the logistics of running a brewery and making fantastic beer. So here she is...learning something new each day and loving every minute being in the beer industry! Marci is also a member of the Pink Boots Society, so her can find me at those events as well.



Have you been seeing our cans and draft around town? Most likely Tim was the man behind the scenes! Tim is our Sales Manager who loves getting out there, meeting people, and spreading some Tilted Mash Brewing goodness. Tim was a Year One Growler Club member with Tilted Mash whose passion for beer and good times made him keep coming back so much that we decided to bring him on board the TMB Crew. Tim is a family man who loves spending time with his wife and daughter, a huge sports fan, and an avid golfer. Sometimes you’ll see him wandering around the brewery or events, and if you do be sure to say "What’s up!" He always loves a good conversation about beer and sports!

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